I have been going here for several years and I love it.  The Dr. knows his stuff and I am always in or out.  I have a color distortion in one of my eyes and Abbot thinks I was probably born with it.  He looks it over every time I go in and makes sure no change has occurred. Other eye doctors tell me they need to do this or that and try to make a big deal out my eyes. Which I find I to be annoying.  My vision has been the same for the past 5 to 7 years and I am just going in for contacts and glasses.  This is why regardless of insurance I will continue to go to Dr. Abbots office.  I need someone that will remember me and monitor what is going on or not going on with my eyes.

As for the people who work in reception they totally rock.  It is hard to shop by yourself for glasses but they helped me find the cutest pair.  They also ordered more color variations in the glasses once I found “the ones”. They are fine calculating price and helping you find a combination you can afford. I just keep that conversation rolling when I am in there and I never have any problems.  Glasses and contacts are expensive and insurance helps but never really pays for everything you want.  These things are going on your face and I think it is important to love what you wear.  They help you find what works best for you and your pocketbook.

Meagan L.

I have been seeing Dr. Abbot since I first needed glasses as a teenager.  He always remembers me, and my family.  He is thoughtful, funny, and thorough.  Every time I have been to the office, the other members of the staff have been very friendly and helpful, as well.

Alicia A.

I’ve been going to Dr. Abbot since I was a kid. He’s a great doctor, but he also goes above and beyond for his patients.

Several years ago my mom had some scary eye issue on Christmas Eve. Dr. Abbot opened up just for her. Shortly after college I ended up with a virus that moved into my eye and caused some major complications. I didn’t have insurance, but Dr. Abbot treated me for months of follow-up appointments and only charged me for one office visit.

So, even though I’ve moved at various times and have lived 20+ miles away, I still will always go back to Dr. Abbot!

Megan E.

Dr Abbott is a great clinician. Excellent bedside manner; takes one to make sure I’ve had my questions and vision concerns addressed. Been seeing him for years and he’s consistently been great to have as my eye are specialist.

Bosque S.

Dr Abbott is the best! We drive across the valley to see him. The team is always very helpful and they work around my tough schedule (always a challenge). Dr Abbott always provides quality care and takes the time to listen and address any eye concerns. Given my daughters tendency to find issues (I see streaks), this is a huge help. Anyway, best eye doc in the valley by far!

Knoll G.

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